Climate Lab

To understand how the body reacts to extreme weather and what it means to choose suitable workwear, we have a place where we create the world's worst weather conditions. We call it Climate Lab.

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Climate Lab consists of three climate chambers where we can simulate some of the world's most extreme weather conditions.

Person testar arbetskläder i Taigas kylkammare
We can create an arctic climate in the cold chamber, where the added effect of the blasting wind gets the temperature down to a perceived -55 °C.
Personer testar arbetskläder i Taigas värmekammare
In the heat chamber, we create the exact opposite, a scorching tropical climate with an air temperature of +35 °C and 90% humidity.
Personer testar arbetskläder i Taigas regnkammare
In the rain chamber one can experience being hit by a drenching rainstorm. The water temperature is +8 °C and the rain pours down at a volume of 260 litres/minute.

We constantly aim to further develop both our products and our own understanding of how we, as humans, and the clothes we wear, can withstand extreme weather conditions. The Climate Lab is where we, under controlled conditions, can expose both garments and ourselves to extreme work situations and weather conditions. We welcome customers, suppliers and partners to come and test our clothing systems and gain an understanding of how a variety of extreme climate conditions impact you and your ability to perform in different work situations.

Do you want to take your colleagues on an educational adventure with extreme weather conditions? Contact one of our sales managers to learn more.

Personer i konferensrum vid Torraka huvudkontor i Varberg

Comments from participants

The Torraka Test Camp was an exhilarating experience. It was really interesting to see how the clothes performed in both extreme and more practical conditions. I use Torraka garments daily, so it was great to see how I can use my clothing more efficiently and to gain an insight into the many small features on jackets and pants that I actually wasn't aware of. I don't regret for a minute that I spent the night outdoors, but I would rather not do it again. It was great and useful to learn about all the survival tips and to get an understanding of how to keep warm in a smart way, how moisture gets transported through the garments and so on. Delicious food, great people and a lot of snoring throughout the night. Highly recommended! Not the most comfortable night I've experienced, but super-fun!

— Jonathan Andersson, Forest Manager, Skogspartner

We were already using some Torraka products prior to participating in the TTC and we wanted to see what other products they offered and how they performed in different situations. We really wanted to test the garments for ourselves, which we got to do. I also learned a whole heap of new stuff that I've been able to put in to practice since. I would highly recommend others to take part in TCC, particularly people who work outdoors, although I believe this training is useful for all types of industries.

— Roberth Lyckholm, Mast- och tornunderhåll AB