About us

"To really understand what is expected from you, what your job entails and what equipment you need" - that's the core of Torraka's philosophy. We design functional workwear for you who work in challenging environments and demanding weather conditions. We do this to ensure you wear suitable clothing and are properly prepared. For each challenging mission.

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Each seam, pocket and feature of a Torraka garment is the result of an unique commitment and many years of development. The design comes about in close collaboration with climate physiologists, material developers and you, the user who wears the clothes daily. We take no shortcuts. Our garments are designed in Sweden and manufactured in Europe. This means a reduced impact on the environment, superior quality and high delivery capacity. We subject the garments to extensive tests in the climate testing facility at the head office in Varberg, to ensure garments meet all demands and requirements. This is also where all our development activities take place - design, sawing and testing - under the same roof. This results in functional workwear, developed with a clear understanding of what it takes to keep you dry, warm and secure. That way, you can focus on your job, regardless of the conditions. This is a task we take very seriously, which in turn allows you to come well prepared to yours.